Martha's Darkroom

A new site and and business system for a talented team specialising in photo repair, retouching and image manipulation.

Picture Perfect

Martha's Darkroom is a small but very talented team or art workers and digital imaging specialists with over 12 years experience working at some of the biggest daily and weekly newspapers. Their philosophy is simple: to try and make their photo repair services as accessible as possible and at extremely competitive prices.

PANDR were approached to design and develop an online presence and order process for Martha's Darkoom's services.

PANDR worked closely with the team to develop an identity, an intuitive web interface and a business system which delivered images uploaded via the site into an admin area.

To stay true to their philosophy, the system, from a customer and admin perspective, needed to be as simple as possible and not only guide a client through the image upload process but also allow the Martha's Darkroom team to organise and manage these images at various stages of the repair process.

The system was built with Ruby on Rails, is hosted on Heroku with asset storage provided by Amazon S3.

PANDR have an extremely strong grasp on design and function & how modern web design needs to be. They were able to create a website that has the perfect tone, branding & functionality that I needed & executed it smoothly & at my own pace.
James Cowen - Martha's Darkroom

Applied Services

  • Brand Creation
  • Interface Design
  • Web Development

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