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We pride ourselves on custom web design of the highest quality.

Like a finely made suit, all of our work is tailored to fit your requirements. We work with the latest web technologies to ensure our bespoke website design speaks volumes.

PANDR Business Applications

Business Applications

Has your site engineer forgotten where he should be? Does Steve from Marketing need those real time figures for his presentation? Can your filing system be reordered and filtered at the click of a button? Thank goodness you found us.

Whether you're a man on mission or a well oiled corporate machine, it's essential to keep the daily runnings of your business on track. Utilising the Internet we can provide you with a scalable business application giving you access to your data and information from any location on any web enabled device.

Our team is well rehearsed in business speak and can translate your requirements into a secure and functional web application. Head over to our Project Planner and let us know how we can help.


Bamboo Content Management System

Bamboo is our custom built CMS developed in Ruby on Rails. Fast and reliable it is, bloated and ugly it is not. Bamboo is highly customisable and can be easily scaled to the size of your project.

Our system comes as standard with user authentication, a blogging platform and cloud based asset (images, video and audio) management courtesy of Amazon S3.

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